Hello, thanks for visiting my website. My name is Ethan. I am a passionate linguist specialized in experimental linguistics, and I am also a lifelong foodie.

After receiving my Master’s of Cognitive Science degree, I came to the University of Florida to do my PhD in linguistics. Currently, I am a PhD candidate, and am working on whether implicit biases towards certain races and ethnic groups can change the way we perceive speech by comparing two countries in North America (USA and Canada) under the supervision of Dr. Stephanie Wulff. We are very lucky to collaborate with Dr. Debra Titone from McGill University (Canada).

Aside from my dissertation work, I am a proud member of the Brain Cognition and Development Lab in the Department of Psychology at the University of Florida working for Dr. Lisa S. Scott. My duties include testing infants, children, and adults with EEG and eye tracking methods as well as analyzing EEG, ERP and ssVEP data. The projects that I am involved in consist of testing developmental changes in visual perception.

If you are interested in my research, please follow me on ResearchGate, Twitter or contact me directly via email.

Thanks for visiting!